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  • Glass Cupola to Crown the Parliament in Vienna

    Before a Complete Renovation: A 130 Year Old Building Along the 150 Year Old Ring

    Concept: Jabornegg & Palffy Architekten
    Text: György Szegő
    Visuals: Zoom Visual Project


    This January the most sustainable plan for the renovation of the Viennese Parliament was chosen from ten versions relying upon the Bundesimmobilien Gesellschaft. The former budget by Theophil Hansen cost 24 million golden crowns (200 million Euros), whilst the present-day one 350 costs million Euros.
    The winning scheme made by a duo of architects, Jabornegg & Palffy evokes Foster’s original glass cupola of the Reichstag in Berlin as its most significant novelty. However, whilst the new construction forms a significant part of the cityscape, the Viennese version seems to be respectful of the contours of traditional towers, spires and cupolas in the neighbourhood with its lentil-form. A genuine novelty will be the terrace complementing the visitors’ centre and the lookout restaurant completed a few years ago designed so as to offer a panoramic view of the outside world from the glass cupola. The new function is facilitated by four newly built stairways. Much like an agora, the foyer has also been opened to visitors with its information point and shop.