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  • Uneternal City: Urban Architecture beyond Rome

    Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris, 18. 02. – 27. 03. 2010.

    Text: Pálinkás Edit
    Plans: New West Land Company

    Looking into the future from today’s Paris, the exhibition titled Roma, Uneternal City presents new perspecives of the development of tomorrow’s European capitals. Managed by Aaron Betsky architect-critic, the manager of Cincinnatti Art Museum, twelve international groups contributed to a lively discussion on issues concerning not only Rome, such as the increase of its population and the expansion of its area, or the relationship of economy and environment. The projects of Uneternal City offer unique progress by brainstorming about it, widening the problems wih hose of other cities – in this case those of Paris. The presentation of architectural conceptions and spectacle designs is meant to guide us and make us understand how the mechanisms of a contemporary transformation of cities work. One of the projects presented at the exhibition is that of New West Land Company titled Bear’s Walk: it is a research into the urban, ecological and mythological correlations of the past, present and future of Rome. Colleagues with New West Land recognized the sanctity of the area defined by natural and cultural traditions, the matrix-like system of developments along lines drawn by events of the past. As they hope, these symbols may come to serve as sources for new stories and help inhabitants of the area to interpret their position in the landscape interpreted and perceived in the widest physical and cosmological sense.