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  • Xella „Zero Challenge”

    Notes apropos of the international tendering of Xella „Zero Challenge”

    Ádám Vesztergom - 1st Prize

    Text: Medgyasszay Péter

    In the spring of 2012 Xella published an international tender of several rounds for Czech, Hungarian, Austrian, Slovak and Slovenian architects inviting them to design detached family houses for Blaue Lagune, a condominium near Vienna presenting ready-houses with „almost zero energy consumption” by using Ytong–Silka–Multipor products. Designs were evaluated by an international jury representing the countries concerned. Of the three prized designs two were submitted by Hungarian applicants: the winning one by Ádám Vesztergom, whilst the third one by a tandem of designers, Richárd Hönich and Tamás Fialovszky who treated the relations of exterior and interior spaces in the most sophisticated way.