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  • Zalotay 80

    Text: Júlia Őry

    Zalotay Elemér a FUGA kiállításán, Fotó: Murányi Sándor

    Zalotay’s very first exhibition in Budapest was hosted by N&n Gallery in 2005. The material exhibited then is completed here: during the preparation of the exhibition a large number of documents, drawings and writings came up from the family legacy, archives and the master’s study unknown to us so far. This material is now being collected and will be cared for by the N&n gallery also in the future. This exhibition is not that of an oeuvre: it is only the second „presentation” of the vast oeuvre after a more serious effort, just like an exclamation mark: it is high time to eventually include Elemér Zalotay’s architecture in the public awareness in Hungary.
    The master spends his days designing even now. He is well-informed and keeps communicating with his fellow professionals internationally. He has been been recorded by the international specialist press, from America to Japan. Zalotay draws, calculates and writes nonstop – this exhibition also includes some of his most recent works. The objective of Zalotay’s architecture: to build cheap „do-it-yourself” style flats easy to access for the masses in natural environments where it is nice to live. This is the basic idea of the ribbon house, just like that of his home in Ziegelried and the megastructures reaching for the sky.