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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Zaubergarten – Magic Garden

    Family Kindergarten, Switzerland

    Concept: Tamás Lévai, Ágnes Jószai


    Evoking the world of Daniel Defoe’s famous novel, the garden enveloped in a lush garden was designed by Tamás Lévai and Ágnes Jószai for an international design contest. The scheme had a fresh and different approach to the basic issues ofr how we think of buildings with educational functions, how we should design them, especially those meant for children. The designers offer an open process of evolutionary development by designing an innovative and unique childen-oriented complex. By evoking Robinson’s playground, making use of the potentials in building one’s own hut, surrounded by a wild lush garden they conjured magic and poetry into the designs. By disregarding the classic attributes of architecture and civic design, they managed to create a fascinating dream world of their own.