Plečnik – Zala – Aquila

Three Exhibitions in Kunsthalle Budapest Text: Áron Petneki The exhibitions in Art Gallery (Kunsthalle) Budapest present the oeuvres of a painter, a sculptor and an architect, respectively. The characters of the artists, namely János Aquila, György Zala and Jože Plečnik are separated from each other by historic periods and styles, whilst also are also associated […]

American Picture Postcard from Óbuda

IBS – Aquincum Campus, Graphisoft Park Architect: Kajdócsi Jenő Text: Botzheim Bálint Photos: Zsitva Tibor The buildings formerly belonging to the Gas Works within the premises of Graphisoft Park are protected historic monuments and unique in being so as the structures of the Park are predominantly works of contemporary architecture. International Business School (IBS) moved […]

Tactile simplicity

The Extension of Blind Children’s Home, Budapest Architect: Géza Kendik Text: Anna Zöldi Photos:Tamás Bujnovszky Receiving sponsoring from Azerbaijan, the latest project by A4 studio was built in the hills as an extension of a Catholic children’s home. This high-standard building hides on a hillside in Buda, featuring values that are hidden not only from […]

Elevation from Reality

Tourist Centre, Galyatető Architect: Csaba Kovács Text: Miklós Okrutay Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The Association of Hungarian Hikers Naturalists has decided to revitalize the entire length of the blue-sign tour and a flagship of this decision is the tourist centre located in Galyatető. Hiding in the shade of the hotel, this small single-storey house was built […]

The Grace of Pest

Prestige Hotel, Budapest Architects: Péter Hegedűs, Ágnes Bolyó Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Gábor Erdélyi, Viktória Győrfi Sometime before the twin towns of Pest-Buda evolved into an integrated metropolis named Budapest within only a few decades, the elderly József Hild constructed a tenement block in a tiny street just behind the building of the Hungarian Academy […]

From Reserving a Place to Possessing Space

Catholic Parish, Üröm Architects: Balázs Falvai, Dávid Török, Márton Nagy Text: János Golda Photos: Tamás Szentirmai Architects from DMB Műterem, namely Balázs Falvai, Dávid Török and Márton Nagy had the chance to build the new parish building and community building on a narrow strip of a vacant lot in Church Square which is surrounded by […]

Kiln-Chapel, Viszák

Summer camps of Kós Károly Association for students Text and photos: Lőrinc Csernyus In 2015 it was the fourth time that the Touring School of Károly Kós Association participated in community building organised in Viszák, a village in the western region of Hungary. Building in cooperation, the theatre in the barn performing summer by summer, […]

Book of Wanderers

Kós Károly Foundation, 2015, 308 p. Text: Eszter Götz In 1989, during the very first momentum of the change of the political system Touring School was founded on the initiative of Imre Makovecz to start it as a post-gradual organisation training architects under the aegis of Károly Kós Association. This training has evolved into a […]

Global Village in Csórompuszta

Hello Wood Camp, 2015 Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky In 2010 a company specialized in timber trading and some young architects-designers who shared the same way of thinking met up to launch Hello Wood. As of today, only five years from then, there is a team here well-known all over the world and invited […]

Reserved Palce on a Waste Land

The Reconstruction and Extension of St. Andrew’s Castle, Bölcske Architect: Sándor Dévényi Text: Miklós Sulyok Photos: Tibor Zsitva The choice of the estate, the enterprise itself, the way of taking the castle and its surroundings into possession is actually an act of keeping and preserving a piece of Hungary. Although the castle is not a […]

In Palladio’s Wake

The Reconstruction of Vásárhelyi-Bréda Castle in Lőkösháza Architect: János Kmetykó Text: György Koczor Photos: János Kmetykó, Péter Hegedűs Vásárhelyi-Bréda castle was built by the deputy bailiff of Arad county around 1806 after an Italian example, namely Villa Capra La Rotonda in Vicenza. The castle was traumatized twice during its history, the first one being the […]

Three Long Furrows

Antinori Winery, Florence Architects: Archea Associati Text: Vilmos Katona Photos: Pietro Savorelli This year Antinori Winery was awarded Mies van der Rohe Prize as besides the technological expertise it has raised the standards of experience offered by contemporary wineries to guests well above average. Bargino is situated in the district of Florence along the road […]