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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Kiln-Chapel, Viszák

    Summer camps of Kós Károly Association for students

    Text and photos: Lőrinc Csernyus


    In 2015 it was the fourth time that the Touring School of Károly Kós Association participated in community building organised in Viszák, a village in the western region of Hungary. Building in cooperation, the theatre in the barn performing summer by summer, as well as the orchard named Fairy Garden where each family of the village was given an indigenous fruit-tree sapling, is the trinity which makes Viszák a unique places. The same roots feed the indigenous fruit-trees, the sanctity of performing arts and the initiation ceremony of architecture. Besides the pure joy of creation, another important achievement of the camp is the communication with villagers based on mutual trust. Participants of the event were not only students majoring in architecture now: students from other faculties and universities also took part in the programmes. The team to build a kiln-chapel in started 2014 which was completed now as a result of two summers’ work.