The New Music Studio in Kőbánya

MÉK–MÉSZ Diploma Award 2015 Design: Attila Tóth The Kőbánya Music Studio has grown out of the building presently housing it. Besides, its disadvantageous orientation also necessitated the relocation of the facility. By tranforming and rebuilding the early Eclectic style dwelling house standing in St Ladislav’s square had been abandoned: by extending it, the institute unique […]

Visegrád Acropolis Visitors’ Centre Designs

MÉK-MÉSZ Diploma Awards 2015 Design: Péter Márkus The Acropolis of Visegrád is one of the most frequented and most significant historic monuments of Hungary now. The castle has always played a key role throughout the history of the country and is a favourite tourist destination at present. Despite its key functions and several minor reconstructions […]

Let us build a tent for the Lord…

Vadász chapel, Göbös manor Architects: Szilárd Köninger, Ádám Tátrai, Júlia Stein Text: János Golda Photos: Szilárd Köninger, Dániel Ungerhofer The Faculty of Architecture in Győr is not only looking for innovative ways of architectural creativity breaking through the borders of genres during the famous creative week, but also organizes voluntary village-building camps for students in […]

Salgó vára, rekonstrukció

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Diploma Awards 2015

Selection of the MÉK-MÉSZ Diploma Award Winning Designs The Hungarian Chamber of Architects and the Association of Hungarian Architects jointly advertise a contest for diploma prizes awarded for professional excellence on a regular basis, year by year now for graduate students majoring in architecture. In 2015 the jury of professionals awarded a total of ten […]

From Reserving a Place to Possessing Space

Catholic Parish, Üröm Architects: Balázs Falvai, Dávid Török, Márton Nagy Text: János Golda Photos: Tamás Szentirmai Architects from DMB Műterem, namely Balázs Falvai, Dávid Török and Márton Nagy had the chance to build the new parish building and community building on a narrow strip of a vacant lot in Church Square which is surrounded by […]

Kiln-Chapel, Viszák

Summer camps of Kós Károly Association for students Text and photos: Lőrinc Csernyus In 2015 it was the fourth time that the Touring School of Károly Kós Association participated in community building organised in Viszák, a village in the western region of Hungary. Building in cooperation, the theatre in the barn performing summer by summer, […]

Book of Wanderers

Kós Károly Foundation, 2015, 308 p. Text: Eszter Götz In 1989, during the very first momentum of the change of the political system Touring School was founded on the initiative of Imre Makovecz to start it as a post-gradual organisation training architects under the aegis of Károly Kós Association. This training has evolved into a […]

Global Village in Csórompuszta

Hello Wood Camp, 2015 Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky In 2010 a company specialized in timber trading and some young architects-designers who shared the same way of thinking met up to launch Hello Wood. As of today, only five years from then, there is a team here well-known all over the world and invited […]

The Vision of a Village

Culture Barn, Nemesgörzsöny Architect: Ákos Csécsei Text: János Géczi Photos: Zsolt Frikker Knowing his previous works, we may be sure that architect Ákos Csécsei is a professional with a European attitude but the actual proof of his commitment to the continent was first manifested so successfully in the culture barn in Nemesgörzsöny, a mountaineous building […]

Stay on the Ground – Let your Mind Rise

Architectural Contest for Athenaeum, Philadelphia, 2014, 3rd prize Concept and text: Dániel Palotai Libraries of the future would have to fulfil variable needs of locals offering indoor and outdoor spaces to education, recreation and community projects. These institutions would connect everyday life activities as a place between home and work, especially in the case of […]

Perspective Embraced by Glass

XXS Pavilions, Almádi Yacht Club, Balatonalmádi Archtiect: Csaba Kovács Text: Marianna Berényi Photos: NARTARCHITECTS Although the well-known forms of this pavilion re-occur in gardens as repeated visual signs, designing it was quite a challenge for contemporary architecture, much in the same way as the design work of every structure typically constructed as part of the […]