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  • Visegrád Acropolis Visitors’ Centre Designs

    MÉK-MÉSZ Diploma Awards 2015

    Design: Péter Márkus


    The Acropolis of Visegrád is one of the most frequented and most significant historic monuments of Hungary now. The castle has always played a key role throughout the history of the country and is a favourite tourist destination at present. Despite its key functions and several minor reconstructions taking some decades is in a badly deteriorating condition as of today. The goal of this scheme is to create a visitors’ centre here which meets all the actual needs of visitors to the castle in a stylish way without competing with the historic structure regarding either its view or role: it is only meant to complement the functions it actually lacks at present. The main concept for its overall formation in essence is to try to conceal and integrate it by letting it nestle smoothly into the landscape, the hillside and the forest surrounding it.