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  • The New Music Studio in Kőbánya

    MÉK–MÉSZ Diploma Award 2015

    Design: Attila Tóth


    The Kőbánya Music Studio has grown out of the building presently housing it. Besides, its disadvantageous orientation also necessitated the relocation of the facility. By tranforming and rebuilding the early Eclectic style dwelling house standing in St Ladislav’s square had been abandoned: by extending it, the institute unique in Hungary because of its specialization in training pop musicians shall be at last given a worthy home it has well deserved: the new building stands in the heart of the district on an outstanding site. The values of the existing building preserved intact and the interior rooms of unique atmosphere have undergone transformations of contemporary architecture and interior design, whilst the added values of the least preserved parts of the structure come to orchestrate the underlying atmosphere of the projected building as such. The new wing with its contemporary architectural composition and materials does not only ambition to create the youthful modern image and profile of the music school but also targets to shake up and revive the architectural character of this part of the district which seems to be greying nonstop.