Eye to Eye

Jewish Cultural Centre, Szombathely Curator: Krisztina Kelbert Design: Ferenc Kassai “It is impossible but necessary, and therefore possible in spite of all (that is, incompletely).” Georges Didi-Huberman wrote this in his book on whether the Holocaust can be explained, written about and understood. This paradoxical aphorism condenses the ‘inexpressible yet expressible’ horrors of the Holocaust. […]

Form Art

Two exhibitions in Vienna Klimt, Kupka, Picasso and Others – Form Art Belvedere, 10 March – 19 June 2016 In the late nineteenth century, art based on form took on specific significance in the Danube Monarchy. Subsuming almost an entire cultural region, “form art” was the expression of a special insight and of a collective […]

Drafting Modernism – Rudolf Weiss

Wien Museum, 14 April – 18 September 2016 Otto Wagner’s master class at the Academy of Fine Arts was the most important laboratory of architectural modernism in fin-de-siècle Vienna. Wagner and his students created visionary designs for an architecture of the future, founding an aesthetic that was rigourously functional and firmly grounded in the materials […]

By the Danube

Yearbook of the BME Doctoral School of Architecture, 2014-2015 BME, 2015, editor: Levente Szabó At the end of the 2014-2015 school year, not only the thematic year with the motto ‘By the Danube’ was closed but also the first five years of the new operation system of the Doctoral School of Architecture, which was launched […]

Ferenc Vámossy: Hungarian Architecture in the 20th Century

Values of our Heritage 1902–2002. I. Volume Tarsoly Publisher, 2015, 276 page, editor: Erzsébet F. Vámossy, Mária Tatai In this monograph Ferenc Vámossy examines the Hungarian architecture of the 20th century focusing on the interaction between heritage and renewal. The focal point is to understand and present the architectural values, to examine the social background […]

Gyula Ernyey: Dezső Bozzay and his Colleagues

FUGA, 2016, 242 page An other excellent review from Gyula Ernyey on the history of Hungarian design published by the FUGA Contemporary Architecture Center in Budapest focuses on Dezső Bozzay’s and his Colleagues oeuvre. Dezső Bozzay’s name hardly known to the public but his emblematic works played crutial part of the lives for many generations […]

Magnificent Environment

Imre Farkas photo exhibition, Bank Center, 22 April – 5 May 2016 According to the Earth Day the gallery of the Bank Center Budapest organized an exhibition of photographer Imre Farkas. He focuses on the similarities between the natural and architectural order.

Community architecture

Jeney Lajos oeuvre exhibition Lechner Lajos Knowledge Center, 23 May – 30 September 2016 The heirs of Lajos Jeney handded down his professional work to the archives of Lajos Lechner Knowledge Center in October 2015. The Lajos Lechner Knowledge Center honors his heritage with this oeuvre exhibition.

Moholy-Nagy: Future Present

Guggenheim Museum, New York, 27 May – 7 September 2016 László Moholy-Nagy (b. 1895, Borsód, Austria-Hungary; d. 1946, Chicago) believed in the potential of art as a vehicle for social transformation, working hand in hand with technology for the betterment of humanity. A restless innovator, Moholy-Nagy experimented with a wide variety of mediums, moving fluidly […]