Ázbej & Ázbej

Kunsthalle, Budapest, 26 July – 11 September 2016 Interlinking generations, the co-operation of fathers and their children in the arts and disciplines make for inexhaustible, exciting and enlightening stories. An exhibition of father and son is proof positive that renewal need not begin by sweeping away the past, but often quite the contrary. The concept […]


​Builds ~ makes, does, constructs, creates, develops. However we try to describe it, the point is: building is an activity, strongly connected creating. We build and construct, not only with our hands, but with words. One way or another, we create something every day. But what do we build for others, with a socially engaged […]

Gábor Ébli: Museumania

European models for generating cultural experience L’Harmattan, 2016, 259 page The museum is power. Although it is a rather young cultural institution, especially compared to the theatre, which was already important in the antiquity, it has gained much significance during its 250 years of establishment. It functions as an academic institution, plays an important role […]