Renewed Heritage

Wroclaw – European Capital of Culture 2016 Text: Edit Pálinkás Photos: Wroclaw ECC 2016 Wrocław entered the competition for the title of European Capital of Culture, because it has a story to tell. The city wants to talk about its past and present, and architecture has a main role in it. Besides the completed buildings […]

Silence as a Concept of Architectural Space

Contemplative Spaces in Church Architecture Today II Text: Vilmos Katona The essay is the second and ending part of an extended study based on the presentation of Vilmos Katona at the 9th Conference of Sacred Architecture and Interior Design taking place in Budapest in 2015, as an event of Ars Sacra Festival. The lead issue […]

Continuous Present

On the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Society of Urbanistics Text: Imre Körmendy The Hungarian Society of Urbanistics (MUT) was founded fifty years ago. Throughout its history, it has always been a genuine union of representatives of our profession who co-operate and think together. During its existence of five decades, MUT has evolved into a […]

Henszlmann Imre Prize 2015

Salutation to Hap Galéria and Barnabás Winkler The Hungarian Association of Archeology and Art History launched the award named after Imre Heinszlmann in 1989 to recognize achievements of individuals and institutions supporting the case of archeology, art history, applied arts and the protection of historic monuments and buildings in Hungary. At the end of 2015 […]

Roundabout Nyárád

Conference on the Cross-Border Protection of Historic Buildings, Organized by the Teleki Foundation, 2016 Text and photos: Gábor Nagy As a rule now every May the Teleki Foundation held its local conference on the cross-border protection of historic buildings sponsored and assisted by Hungary taking several days. This article below maps and surveys the historic […]

Socialist Modernism in Serbia

The architectural image of titoism Text: Éva Lovra The official art of Yugoslavia in the latter half of the 20th century blended the neutral quality of late-Modernism reaching far beyond politics with a strong ideology of power which was matched and went hand in hand with the simultaneous evolution of Yugoslavism and and Titoism. Tito’s […]

Action-like Architectural Interventions

Anylisis of raumlaborberlin Pneumatic Projects Text: Gergely Hory The primary goal of this study is to analyse the construction strategies and structural solutions of contemporary and temporary action-like architectural interventions typically implemented in public places as well as to compare them with their historic prototypes and sources of inspiration. It is a highly varied and […]

Relocating Csontváry Museum

Concept Tender – 1st Prize Concept and text: Pintér Tamás János, Simon Viktória The Prime Minister’s Office published an open tender for concepts on potential exhibition facilities where works by Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka could be displayed in an appropriate way. The first prize of the contest went to the scheme submitted by Unitef-83 Zrt. As […]

Casablanca Market Hall

S.ARCH International Architecture Award – 2nd Prize Concept: Géza Kendik Fellow dseigners: Zsuzska Mészáros, Zsófia Hargitay Inspired by the suspended-hanging community-designed shading structures seen on traditional moroccan marketplaces The scaffolding-like building lets the traffic flow through the arcade-like marketplace. Lively commerce on the ground floor, peaceful conversations on the terraces. The triangle of the site […]

Translocation – Transformation

Ai Weiwei exhibition, 21er Haus, Vienna, 14 July – 20 November 2016 Photos: Andrea Fábián “Everything is art. Everything is politics”, says Ai Weiwei (born in 1957), one of the world’s most famous contemporary artists. As a conceptual artist, documentarian and activist, his works deal not only critically with the history, culture and politics of […]

Frederick Kiesler: Life Visions

MAK, Vienna, 14 July – 2 October 2016 The current interest in the multifaceted oeuvre of the Austrian- American architect, artist, designer, set designer, and theoretician Frederick Kiesler applies most of all to his holistic philosophy—the negation of the traditional boundaries drawn between disciplines—and the importance he ascribed to the productivefusion of artistic and empirical […]

Architecture of Roman Catholic Churches in Vojvodina

Dubravka Đukanović: Architecture of Roman Catholic Churches in Vojvodina from 1699 to 1939 The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Petrovaradin Novi Sad, 2015 The monograph „Architecture of Roman Catholic Churches in Vojvodina from 1699 to 1939“ is a bilingual publication which presents the results of many years of research focused on the […]