Prague Castle & Plečnik

Architektur im Ringturm, Vienna, 27. 06. – 23. 09. 2016 Prague Castle is one of the world’s largest preserved castle complexes, and is a symbol of the Czech Republic’s sense of national pride. To accompany this year’s artistic covering of the Ringturm designed by Czech artist Ivan Exner, the Architektur im Ringturm series will focus […]

Four days

Report on the Slovakian trip of the Hungarian Academy of Arts – Section of Architecture After a polish and transilvaian trip the Section of Architecture of the Hungarian Academy of Arts held their assembly in Kosice within a four day long trip in the neighborhood. The trip organized by Péter Pásztor contained many of architectural, […]

Exhibition of Andrea Häider

Medal for Hungarian Architecture The photo exhibition of Andrea Häider in the headquarters of the Association of Hungarian Architects focusses on the oeuvre of the architectural photographer receiving the Medal for Hungarian Architecture at the opening ceremony on 3rd October, 2016. The opening ceremony had a major part of the event series connecting to the […]

Hungarian Design Award 2016

Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, 24. 09. – 20. 11. 2016 „The objective of the Hungarian Design Award announced by the Minister for National Economy is to showcase the achievements of Hungarian design and to promote the competitiveness of Hungarian products.” The Hungarian Design Award is announced by the Hungarian Design Council on behalf of […]

Elytra Filament Pavilion

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 18. 05 – 06. 11. 2016 Elytra Filament Pavilion has been created by experimental German architect Achim Menges with Moritz Dörstelmann, structural engineer Jan Knippers and climate engineer Thomas Auer. Menges and Knippers are leaders of research institutes at the University of Stuttgart that are pioneering the integration of biomimicry, […]