The Bow of a Thrown Ball

Gammel School extension, Hellerup, Denmark Architect: BIG Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Iwan Baan, Jens Lindhe Danish architecture studio BIG has completed a sunken sports hall where an arching wooden roof doubles up as a hilly courtyard. The new multi-purpose hall will primarily be for the pupils’ physical education and social development. The hall is placed […]

Openings Almost Bizarre

Residential House, Debrecen Architect: Péter Kovács Text: Attila Kőszeghy Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The architect and his client realized a gesture opening both the exterior and the interior, which is original regarding its scale and nature, by almost ultimately simple surfaces and masses matched high standards when planning and constructing this residential building in Debrecen. Architect […]

Measure and Scale

Dwelling-House, Szentendre Architect: Gábor Bártfai-Szabó Text: Eszter Dénes Photos: György Dénes The house in Szentendre designed by architect Gábor Bártfai-Szabó reflects clarity and good sense in its forms, whilst embodying timelessness which, in turn, has calming effects on the viewers. It is both correct and appropriate considering its context: it is primarily the domain of […]

Smart City

City Planning under the Spell of Data Text: Levente Szczuka The society of the 21st century is approaching a digital society based on data, as a descendant of the information society. Whilst the Y generation uses data based gadgets relatively well, members of the Z generation („digital natives”) know, use and apply the most modern […]

Space Architecture

Research into Border Zones Text: Bálint Botzheim Architecture has always had a general tendency to search for its limits throughout its history. This inclination has often been phrased in Utopian letters. However, the evolution of architecture may also be described as the alternation of avantgarde and mainstream eras. The concept of limits needs to be […]

Aquincum Sequences

Text: Gyula Zeke Photos: Gergely Oláh Built along the Danube bank, a city and military camp of the province Pannonia which was part of the Roman Empire has left behind numerous relics in today’s area of Budapest. The civilian settlement and the military base featured baths, theatres, aqueducts, which together with the water organ found […]

KÖZÉP – public buildings within your reach

Exhibition of Budapest University of Technology, Department of Public Building Design Kunsthalle, 24. 09. – 22. 10. 2016 The Department of Public Building Design of the Budapest University of Technology celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation. The celebration is accompanied by a variety of events: in the first six months of the year two […]

Henrieta Moravčíková: Friedrich Weinwurm Architect

Slovart, Bratislava, 375 page Text: Rudolf Klein Henrieta Moravčíková, professor of architectural history with the University of Technology in Slovakia published this bilingual (English- and Slovak) monography on the outstanding architecture of Modernism who lived and worked in Bratislava in the interwar period. Approximately half of the hardcover volume covers the resume of the architect […]

Preface to the exhibition of Ferenc Török

Pesti Vigadó, September 2nd – 25th, 2016 Text: Barnabás Winkler The main hall of Vigadó hosts the jubilee exhibition of architect Ferenc Török titled Architecture and Credo opened on September 1st, 2016. Ferenc Török started to work as a lecturer with the University of Technology in Budapest in 1960. However, he was also active as […]

Gábor Karátson Memorial

Home Museum, Budapest Concept and text: Pál Somogyi Gábor Karátson, artist and writer died at the age of 81 in 2015. Awarded many prizes and recognitions, he had a versatile career. As a result, he left behind an extraordinarily rich oeuvre. In line with the intentions of his family, the objective here was to preserve […]

The Workshop and Rehearsal Centre of the Opera

The Workshop and Rehearsal Centre of the Hungarian State Opera, Budapest Concept and text: Miklós Marosi The State Opera House celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2014. The building it is housed in today has no capacity to suit all the functions it should as the complex is actually made up of two ensembles with an […]

Concept Tender on the Rehabilitation of the Museum Gardens

Scheme by TÉR-TEAM Ltd, First Prize Concept and text: Gábor Szabó, András Szende, Kristóf Attila Juhász The primary goal of the tender was to reconstruct the landscape and revive the existing flora, whilst enriching the ecological and utilization functions of the Museum Gardens in line with the designs made by Ármin Petz in the 1850s. […]