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  • Henrieta Moravčíková: Friedrich Weinwurm Architect

    Slovart, Bratislava, 375 page

    Text: Rudolf Klein


    Henrieta Moravčíková, professor of architectural history with the University of Technology in Slovakia published this bilingual (English- and Slovak) monography on the outstanding architecture of Modernism who lived and worked in Bratislava in the interwar period. Approximately half of the hardcover volume covers the resume of the architect and analyses of his works in details whilst the rest is devoted to his designs and drawings. Weinwurm (1885–1942) studied in Bratislava, Cluj-Napoca and Germany, where Peter Behrens, Bruno Taut and Hannes Meyer worked. His most influential teacher was Heinrich Tessenow. He graduated from the Technical University of Dresden in 1911 and then started to work in the office of Pogány and Tőry architects in Budapest. In 1924 he joined Modernism. It is not by chance that Zdeněk Lukeš, Czech architectural historian referred to Friedrich Weinwurm as the Slovak Loos from the 1920s on: he cultivated which is sometimes interspersed with a touch of Classicization.