Memorial Site to honor Ferenc Rákóczi II

The Reconstruction of the Zeleméry-Rákóczi Castle, Borsi Architects: Péter Pásztor, Zoltán Wittinger Text and photos: József Sebestyén Located in Borsi in Sovakia, near Sátoraljaújhely, there is the Zeleméry-Rákóczi Castle built from the 1560s on, which has had lots of owners during its history. Its most famous resident, Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II was born in this […]

United Arab World Exhibition

Expo 2020 Dubai, 2021–2022 Text and photos: Pál Lővei Scheduled for the winter of 2020/2021, and referred to as the Expo2020 ever since, this exhibition had to be postponed a year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is undoubtedly the best organised and integrated and, besides that of Seville, also the highest-ranking category of the […]

A Gallery in the Casemates

Neue Galerie, Wiener Neustadt, Austria Architects: Matija Bevk, Vasa J. Perović Text: Eszter Götz Photos: David Schreyer The project is a result of a competition held in 2016 that set the task of making the casemates, an ammunition storage structure of the medieval fortress accessible to the general public in the form of a new […]

The Strategy of the Complex Reconstruction of the Royal Palace in Buda

Concept and text: Robert Gutowski Client: Várkapitányság Nonprofit Ltd. The Castle Hill and Royal Palace of Buda are a site and memorial of historic and symbolic significance of Hungarian national identity. The place itself is a nationally significant historic monument with regard to Hungary’s past and national belongingness: it is a protected building, a highly […]

Brave New World

The Town of Coal, Iron and Glass: Salgótarján Text: Tamás Dévényi As late as 1945, Salgótarján was on the verge of becoming a town, buti t had an industry of national significance. The new system saw an enemy in the classic town with a middle-class background, which made a step 1950: as the embodiment of […]

The Heritage of the Late Modern Hotel Architecture at Lake Balaton

Evaluation Beyond Nostalgy Text: Júlia Böröndy With the relieve after 1956, the tourism of Hungary inculding Lake Balaton, could revive. The expansion of accommodation capacity was a clear response to the needs of the growing holiday crowd, which also involved the construction of new hotels. The buildings, which were considered modern at the time, are […]

The Cross-Section of a Constat

Exhibition and Book Show on Cubic Houses Architects’ House, 03. 12. 2022 – 05. 01. 2022 Text: Melinda Harlov-Csortán The research workshop named Spatial Forms – Society Forms research workshop organises an exhibition for the fourth time in the headquarters of the Association of Hungarian Architects. These exhibitions have always been based on results of […]

Exemplary Research

Péter Haba Receiving Opus Mirabile Text: Pál Lővei The Art History Science Board of the Hungarian Science Academy launched its Opus Mirabile award in 1995 to recognize the best publications on art history in the previous year. Initially, the board assessed two categories, but for quite a long time now it has also been employing […]

Venetian Architectural Inventory

Mostra Internazionale di Architettura La Biennale di Venezia 1980–2021 Text: Géza Boros ASAC (Archivio Storico delle Arti Contemporanee), the historic archives of the Venetian Biennale keeps publishing the data bases of the sections of the Biennale as a series. In 2019 the volume on the film festival, in 2020 that of fine arts and in […]

Where the Prince was Born

A Short History of the Rákóczi Castle in Borsi Text: József Sebestyén Near Sárospatak and Sátoraljaújhely, right next to the Hungarian border Borsi, a tiny village is located in Slovkia. First mentioned authentically in 1221, the settlement was owned by noblemen and landlords from various families throughout the Middle Ages. As a result of a […]

Contemporary Architecture in Romania During the Pandemic

A Survey of Interventions in the Countryside Text: Sarolta Rab The Romanian journal Zeppelin published an issue in the summer of 2021 titled Vidéken (La țară – In the Country) with a comprehensive introduction to survey in details the potentials of reactivating society with the means of rural vernacular architecture of the villages based on […]

An (Anti)social Architect

On a Review of Aravena Titled A Half-Happy Architecture Text: Balázs Rose 2016 was an exceptional year in Alejandro Aravena’s life. Besides the Pritzker Prize, the architect from Chile has also been acting as the chief curator of the 15th Venetian Architectural Biennale. It is quite a unique achievement that within a year, he received […]