The International Competition in Architecture

Architects, designers, engineers, artists and urban planners are given a unique opportunity to win one of the three prizes of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation – Institut de France by creating innovative and ambitious projects. These architectural projects based on emerging developments and a prospective vision should address some core issues of mankind: greater environmental, industrial […]

The new center of Paks – Ideas competition

According to growing expectations caused by the new developments in Paks the city council announces an ideas competition focusing on the city center from Táncsics park to the former cannery and the riverbank. Application deadline: 19 October 2016 More information, documents:

BETA 2016

The BETA competition supports and promotes architecture in its various forms and manifestations. As the main event of the BETA* architecture biennial in Timișoara, the competition is intended to be a relating interface both within the profession and between the profession and the socio-cultural environment in which it operates. Relying on contextual similarities, the competition […]

Indoor Swimming Pool in Etelka sor, Szeged

The aim of the competition is to find the best design and designer for the new indoor swimming pool in the Etelka sor Sports Center in Szeged. Application deadline: 5 September 2016 More information:

Vándoriskola 2016

The “Vándoriskola” of the Kos Karoly Association announced admission for young architects. “Vándoriskola” 2016 admission design: boiler room, heating plant for Manréza House for spiritual retreat Deadline: 31 August 2016 More information, contact: Csernyus Lőrinc Triskell Kft., 1034 Bp., Kecske utca 25. – tel.: (1) 388 1707 Füzes András Makona Kft., 1034 Bp., Kecske utca […]

Dósa nádor Square, Debrecen

The architectural competition aims the renewal of the Dósa nádor Square in Debrecen, along with the utilization of the eastern wall of the Town Hall, the extension of the downtown pedestrian zone, and the architectural and urban concept of the musical block in Csapó Street. Application deadline: 27 June 2016 More information and documentation:

The development of the former Central Girls’ College

The ideas competition announced by the local government of Miskolc focusses on the development of the former Central Girls’ College, turning it into a incubator house with the quality of an A class office building. Application deadline: 15 June 2016 More information:


Ideas competition announced by the local goverment of Kazincbarcika aims to design a new indoor-outdoor event hall in Völgy-park, the recently renewed green area in the city centre. Within the new recreational area the new event hall serves as a multifunctional, community centre, and also becomes the new emblematic, colorful landmark of the city. Application […]

Csontváry – Ideas competition

Ideas competition for design a new, high quality exhibition space to hold and show Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka’s works and also to find the most suitable location or venue for the museum. Application deadline: 31 May 2016 More information:

Multifunctional public service site, Szombathely

Architectural competition for a new public service site owned by the local government of Szombathely to serve as an optimally and cost effectively controlled central site, and also a unified industrial park. Application deadline: 30 May 2016 More information:

SE Faculty of Health Sciences Property Development III.

Architectural competition for the expansion of the Semmelweis University’s building on Szentkirályi Street, Budapest. The new complex will be host as a training facility for health development. The complex will be constructed in two phases. Application deadline: 17 May 2016 More information:

Dunavarsány Naprózsa residential complex – Student competition

The aim of the student brainstorming competition announced by the Dunavarsány-2000 Lakásépítő és Szolgáltató Kft. to collect ideas and plans they are facilitating the development of Naprózsa residential complex. Application deadline: 18 May 2016 More information: Registration: