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  • 6th Budapest Architecture Film Days


    This March the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center (KÉK) is organizing the 6th Budapest Architecture Film Days. This edition opens a whole new chapter in the life of the festival: our four day event has received a lot stronger professional support than before and is being accompanied by a growing international attention. We have participated at the most important architecture film festivals for the past couple of years, and organized screenings from Paris to Vienna, Brno, Warsaw, Krakow and Kiev. Now our hard work seems to pay off: this year’s Call for entries attracted more than a hundred films from all around the globe. We will present the best of them between 6-9. March in Budapest.


    6th March 2014, Thursday

    19:00 Opening film
    16 acres (Richard Hankin, 2012, 95’)
    21:00 Reception – Music: Dj Chief Architect (Sándor Finta)

    7th March 2014, Friday

    Toldi Room 1
    19:00 Screening and discussion with Gerrit Messiaen
    Lucien Hervé, photographer despite himself (Gerrit Messiaen, 2013, 55’)
    21:00 Screening and discussion with the Fabrizio Boni, Giorgio de Finis
    Space Metropoliz (Fabrizio Boni, Giorgio de Finis, 2013, 100’)

    Toldi Room 2
    19:30 Screening and discussion with Tamás Liszka and Márton Bartos engineers about 3D printing
    Mediating mediums (Greg Tran, 2011, 6’)
    The man who prints houses (Jack Wake-Walker, Marc Webb, 2013, 60’)

    Toldi Foyer
    22:00 Party
    Küss mich/Bounce: Shawn O’Sullivan, Saint Leidal the 2nd, The Stanley Maneuver

    8th March 2014, Saturday

    Uránia Cinema
    11:00 Urban walk
    Downtown cinema walk with László Kelecsényi by Imagine Budapest (in Hungarian)

    Vacancy Project Space
    Unconventional portraits of buildings – selection of shorts

    Toldi Room 1
    17:00 Screening and discussion with Anna de Manincor (ZimmerFrei)
    Hometown Mutonia (ZimmerFrei, 2013, 69’)
    They (Karl-Heinz Klopf, 2010, 36’)
    Architecture of Israel – compilation of Amos Gitai’s architecture films (2013, 50’)
    Nakagin Capsule Tower: Japanese metabolist landmark on the edge of destruction (Yamazaki Rima, 2010, 58’)
    Intercalary Space (Damien Faure, 2012, 50’)

    Toldi Room 2
    The mother, the son and the architect (Petra Noordkamp, 2012, 16’)
    Precise poetry: Lina Bo Bardi’s architecture (Belinda Rukschcio, 2013, 55’)
    Bata-ville: We are not afraid of the future (Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope, 2005, 93’)
    What remains – selection of shorts

    Toldi Foyer
    22:00 Party – Toldi Kicks / Architect edition

    9th March 2014, Sunday

    Vacancy Project Space
    Sensible architecture short films – selection of shorts

    Toldi Room 1
    15:30 Screening and discussion with the producer of Agoraphobia, Merve Bedir
    Megalomania (Jonathan Gales, 2013, 5’)
    Agoraphobia (Imre Azem, 2013, 53’)
    17:30 Screening and discussion on tourism and architecture moderated by Bálint Kádár
    The Venice syndrome (Andreas Pichler, 2012, 80’)
    Modular space (Bautista Cofre, Nicole Ampuero, 2013, 30’)
    Pollphail (Matthew Lloyd, 2009, 11’)
    Away from all suns! (Isabella Willinger, 2013, 77’)

    Toldi Room 2
    Overdrive: Istanbul in the New Millennium (Aslihan Unaldi, 2011, 75’)
    Man and his city – selection of shorts

    The works of three architectural photographers – Zsolt Batár, Tamás Bujnovszky and Illés Sarkantyú – are presented as part of the exhibition Under construction in the lobby of Toldi cinema.