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  • FUGA Radio Architectural Photo Competition 2012

    Month of Photography, November 2012

    András Bán: Albertfalva, 2012 - Prize by Varga Winery

    On the occasion of the Month of Photography the FUGA Radio launched a photo contest for every enthusiastic (amateur and professional) photographers who like to take pictures of buildings. The announcers waited for photos of buildings or groups of buildings, which are important for the photography lovers, exciting or attractive, creative or striking, whether they are new or old, or completely ruined. The images were uploaded to the web without any restrictions. During a month’s period total of 479 images were uploaded by 184 candidates.

    Viewer’s Choice: Eszter Sós – Budapest, 2012
    Prize of FUGA Radio: Szbaolcs J. Csörge – Revolutional monument, Budapest, 2008
    Prize of FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture: Anna Zavileiskaia – Moszkva, Park Pobedy Station, 2010
    Prize of Varga Winery: András Bán – Albertfalva, 2012