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  • Flying Classrooms

    Flying Classrooms
    We are creating schools

    Architekturzentrum Wien, March 03.2011 – May 30.2011

    The rooms we learn and teach in have hardly changed over the past hundred years. The classroom is still 9 metres x 7 metres in size and the primary location for lessons that are held in an hourly cycle — even though teachers and architects agree that contemporary teaching methods are far more varied and require appropriately flexible types of classroom. The subject of the exhibition is the mutual interrelationship between the architectural space and teaching and learning. It addresses all those who are involved directly or indirectly with education and the basic spatial requirements for teaching and learning: primarily pupils, teachers, parents, architects and politicians. The exhibition provides an opportunity to learn about the development of school building and its background. Visitors are invited to take a playful approach to engaging with space in a 1:1 installation, and develop their own vision for the school of the future’.