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  • Architecture as a Vector of Social Cohesion

    EFAP Conference in Brussels
    18-19 November 2010

    Proposed in association with Belgium’s Presidency of the European Union, the European Forum for Architectural Policies (FEPA-EFAP), which will take place 18-20 November 2010 at BOZAR Brussels, will focus on architecture as a vector of social cohesion, in connection with the 2010 European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion.

    What part can the quality of public areas and buildings play in a social project fostering collectivity? By shaping our daily environment, architecture implicitly affects interpersonal relationships. Promoting social cohesion, paying particular attention to the design and execution of areas accessible to the public, is one of the essential tasks of public authorities. And it is precisely in the achievement of this social aspect that the contribution of architecture lies – in its ability to produce a synthesis between the complexity of a context, a programme and research into collective well-being.