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    The 50th Anniversary of BERCSÉNYI 28-30

    Text: Sándor Kovács

    Fotó: Kovács Sándor

    Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the periodical Bercsényi 28-30, former editors, authors, boarders and readers organised an exhibition in FUGA Budapest Architectural Centre to evoke the bygone scene and periodical of tolerated/prohibited architecture, fine arts, music, performance. A symposium was also held on November 16th with participants of the discussions representing various periods of the Bercsényi 28-30. by the end of this symposium the jubilee special edition of Bercsényi 28-30/50 was ready to present the events of the day document the exhibition contents. The publication itself was made performance-style edited, laid and printed on-site. This issue is thus both a contemporary document and a resource material.