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  • In Memoriam Zoltán Horváth Figura

    In Memoriam Zoltán Horváth Figura

    Horváth Zoli Figura

    You shared with us countless memories spent in your school years in Debrecen. Yes, they were in the sixties, jeans, hopes, long hair, music, girls, also with the Prague Spring. You applied for the Univesity of Applied Arts, but it didn’t work out, so we met in Csongrad as the students of architecture. Around 1974 we realized that our vision could become reality in Miskolc. Then came the years of Miskolc, the project name was: block house development. After that there were ten years to live in our imaginary world. With the team of Zoltán Horváth, Mihály Rudolf, László Szőke, Győző Soós, Mari Szobonya, Kati Klie, Éva Váraljai and Ica Oláh we worked together a few good years.

    László Szőke