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  • Budapest 100

    Budapest, 18-19 April 2015


    Budapest100 is a unique organic program mobilizing the entire city which was initiated by OSA Archivum and KÉK in 2011. Its ultimate goal is to start a tradition and to draw our attention to the buildings surrounding us and the human values that are around us every day.

    The program is a civil urban festival which has an outstanding community building effect by bringing people of different social background and generations closer. Volunteering plays a key role in Budapest100. Apart from participating buildings, it is our volunteers who, by creatively helping to implement the colorful programs and devoting their energies to organization, make the festival a successful event.

    Budapest100 – Photography Exhibition – 5 years in images

    The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library and Budapest100 have been in cooperation from the program’s very start in 2011.
    When it came to organize a photo exhibition about the past years of Budapest100, the decision was obvious: the location should be definitely the library’s big Atrium.
    The whole organization was undertaken by a small group of volunteers, coming from various areas. The aim was to put together a professional exhibition, which is enjoyable for everyone going through the library, by giving a glimpse of the event presenting the 100-year-old buildings in a unique way.
    The task was not easy: the walls, the various windows and sizes, unique light conditions and the headroom made it even more challenging. The team had to deal with many questions and doubts: it was questionable whether the photos would fit into such an unusual place, whether they’ll communicate well with the library’s imposing interior.
    The final list of exhibited photos contains works both from professionals and former volunteers. The 28 prints and various selections on the 4 digital photo frames can be viewed between the 8th April and 9th May 2015.
    The selection was done by students of Szellemkép Szabadiskola photo school, the planning and implementation mainly done by members of BME Építész Klub (BME Architect’s Club).
    The exhibition is ready to be visited and shows not only the hidden treasures of Budapest, but intends to give inspiration regarding the future.