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  • City-Globe 2015

    International Urban Planning Conference
    Glove Factory Community Center, Budapest, 24 April 2015


    A The European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP-CEU) are organising their annual General Assembly in Budapest invited by the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning on 25th April 2015. At this event, representatives from 25 countries of Europe’s leading urban planning organizations – the key players – are involved.
    Regarding this major international professional event, MUT has decided to organise its annual conference in conjunction with the General Assembly. Therefore, the XXI. National Urban Conference on 24th April 2015 will be international and bilingual (Hungarian and English). Interpretation will be provided on site.

    Main Topic

    In the 21st century due to global rearrangement, cities have more and more important role in evolving long-term answer to solve new economic and social problems and issues. At this conference we will discuss global challenges and possible strategic responses in relation to the topic of smart city.
    The main goal of the conference is to illustrate how cities – mostly by their urban planning activities in broader sense – can react and tackle global challenges, such as
    • increasing economic pressure to growth,
    • possibilities of cutting public spending,
    • increasing competition among cities (innovation),
    • the most possible efficiency in operation (smart city),
    • energy challenge (sustainable energy, energy safety),
    • and climate change.

    Venue: Glove Factory Community Center
    1084 Budapest, Mátyás tér 15,

    More information: www.mut.hu