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  • The Mill on the Old Lake Regional Camp and Eco-Centre, Veresegyház

    MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award 2017

    Concept: Mercédesz Erika Nagy

    The site for design is located near the northern shores of the Old Lake, at the mouth of Sződrákosi spring which feeds the nearby lakes. The dyke of the former mill made of concrete and one of its longitudinal walls with the original place of the wheels are still standing, but are in badly deteriorating conditions. Throughout its history, the mill had always been a wooden structure on the left bank, but it was rebuilt from stone and brick in the 1930s on the right side on concrete foundations It was used as late as the 1950s, then they demolished it and as a result it remained only as a section of the wall which is still standing. The chief idea of the design is an imaginary turning back of the wheel main: as it used to be the lake for the sake of the mill, now the mill shall be working for the lake. This means that the structure will appear on the lakeshore with new qualities and functions. The new mill building functions as an ecotourist centre which is also the zero station of the study trail of 11 stages running around the lakes.