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  • Together for Communities

    Holcim Centennial

    In 2012, Holcim is celebrating 100 years of strength, performance and passion. By volunteering in their communities, Holcim employees are celebrating the Centennial in a special way. Even though each single activity is driven by local needs, the initiative is a global one – and runs under a global header: Together for Communities.
    Our aim is to engage as many of our 80,000 employees as possible to work one day for the community – volunteering for a good cause in the name of Holcim. If enough people participate, we can provide 100 years’ worth of volunteering work to society. This is very much in line with our values and our commitment to sustainable development.
    Sustainable development has been a cornerstone of Holcim’s business philosophy since early on, so this initiative builds on strong foundations and known values. Many Group companies have already engaged in employee volunteering in the past, and some have ongoing programs in place. We want them to make a special effort in 2012 and encourage others to start such initiatives this year.
    Hungary completed the Holcim initiative with 2200 hours of volunteering work, involving 147 people and 24 places.