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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Memorial Park, Devecser

    Annual Award for Landscape Architects 2014, the special award of the jury’s chairman

    Text, design and photos: Mária Drobni, István Morvay


    On October 4th, 2010, the day after the local elections the dam of the reservoir for red sludge belonging to the alumina plants in Ajka broke and the highly toxic industrial waste flooded the villages in the lower areas along Torna stream. The minister of interior visited the region struck by disaster and promised to have a public park built in the area within a year. The enormous task and the short deadline required intense efforts, work and speed from the participants of the project. By modifying the scheme, a public park of 7,5 hectares was created here among others, concerns of landscaping came into focus, and as a result, a wide continuous green corridor was born north of Devecser with a system of lakes as its main attraction. It is fed by the waters of the Torna stream and Mill árok, and it naturally receives the rainwater from the neighbouring areas. The pathways are flanked by an avenue of trees, free areas were planted in with groves and the renovated stone crucifix has evolved into a real gem of the park.

    Landscape: Mária Drobni, István Morvay – Drobni és Morvay Kft.
    Lakes: Ferenc Horváth – Víz-Környezet Kft.
    Roads: Péter Polányi – Környezetfejlesztés Kft.
    Public utilities: Attila Debreceni Bárány – Pannonterv–Veszprém Kft.
    Architecture: Miklós Buda – Compart Studio Kft.