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  • Student Competition – 25th MEDIAWAVE Festival


    The MEDIAWAVE International Visual Arts Foundation and the Department of Architecture in the Széchenyi István University provides a public student competition for all students participating in higher education in architecture in Hungary.
    The purpose of the contest is to design a wall dividing Monostor Fortress Danube bastion, the central location of Mediawave Festival.

    The Fort Monostor by the river Danube near Komarom ensures the unique athmosphere. In the past three years, we have formed our new location to a globalisation-free bastion protecting / building cinema, different forms of art and the vanishing audience. The fort is with us in our endeavours.
    Our geographical borderline situation gives us a chance to consciously mediate between the artistic movements of the Eastern and Western- European region – still rather isolated from each other. Our purpose is not to unify them, but to expose local values and characteristics. On the border of East and West, in the eastern border fortress of the old political and the newest/modern cultural and economical iron curtain, we attempt to reveal the products of modern age migration in film, a program supplemented by other visual performances (theatre, movement theatre, exhibitions) and folk-music, improvised and alternative music concerts.

    Information: www.mediawavefestival.hu