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  • Hello Wood 2013

    15-21 July, Csórompuszta, Hungary

    Hello Wood is a multicultural-multidisciplinar art program. Our mostly known event is the one week creator camp held every summer, where well-known and recognized experts and artists share their knowledge with talented students. All work, produced by us is carrying two attributes: it’s mostly from wood and it’s characterized by an interplay of art and social commitment. Hello Wood integrates various fields of art, design and science; it creates community and encourages talent. It brings together students and professionals across borders, moreover connects everyday people with the designer community.

    This year Hello Wood gets closer than ever before.

    We are researching how could the bond amongst nature, our artificial environment and humans become tighter. With the tools of design and architecture we are looking for an answer to the question: How could we get at least a step closer?
    Accordingly we hope to work on installations that create relations. Show the indispensability of touch points, the irreplaceability of personal connections. Here it is not enough to make something beautiful. For living and liveable projects. Just like our material, wood is. We are looking for the constantly changing.

    These could be inventions that connects old with young or female with male. Devices that focus on specific elements of our link with the artificial environment. Or maybe pieces that make the passive spectator to take an active part in the human-nature relation.
    In 2013 Hello Wood connects, draws tighter and gets closer.

    And we will do it all at the charming village of Csórompusztára in the Balaton Uplands.

    As usual the camp will focus on architecture. That is why we are looking for those innovative, enthusiastic and tireless professionals,
    who already feel like having thousands of ideas on how to get closer!

    As our resources are limited only the most original installations will be realized. This year workshop leaders are selected through an open call procedure because we would like to create the best concepts, and to provide equal conditions for all creatives.

    We are lookingfor installations, objects, sculptures, structures which are able to rediscover or detect already existent yet interesting relations, or on the contrary, they are able to remind us of their lack or fading away. Workshop concepts will be evaluated by the 10th of May. All winner projects will be published here on the website, so participants can decide which installation they would like to work on during the summer art camp.

    More information: www.hellowood.eu