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  • Kas Oosterhuis: Towards a New Kind of Building

    A Designers Guide for Nonstandard Architecture

    Non-standard architecture is bespoke architecture. The building of today is designed with digital tools and is produced by means of digitally controlled production methods. This leads to a revolution in the conception of the nature and realization of the design. Moreover, it prompts a whole new debate about what is beautiful in architecture. Is repetition still beautiful, or will formal variation and uniqueness be perceived as beautiful? Tailor-made architecture based on computer-driven production methods means that all the constituent building components are by definition unique. The economic rationale for using repeating elements becomes defunct. In this guide Kas Oosterhuis describes his practice and considers his designs in the context of recent social developments, especially in the field of ICT. Two paradigm shifts take centre stage: from architecture based on mass production to architecture based on industrially produced made-to-measure components, and from a static architecture to a dynamic and interactive architecture.