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  • What has been left of the 100-year-old Medgyaszay buildings by 2017?

    Photos by Péter Gyukics
    FUGA, Budapest Center of Architecture, 13 December 2017 – 14 January 2018

    I first saw the church of Muľa (Hungarian: Rárósmúlyad) in 2015, when I was photographing the new bridge over Ipoly River. I was immediately captivated by the church’s uniqueness. This experience prompted me to start photographing István Medgyaszay‘s buildings. From his 43 known works, I have been able to photograph 42. I have read all the available literature on him, contacted his family, and reviewed the buildings’ blueprints. I found a building that had never before been photographed. I visited Medgyaszay‘s buildings not only in Hungary, but also in Slovakia and Romania (in Banat and Transylvania). Unfortunately, his building under No. 8 Dorottya Street in Budapest was demolished and several of his important buildings are likely to meet the same fate: two studio houses in Gödöllő belonging to Sándor Nagy and Leó Belmonte, the Sporthotel / Pagoda in Mátraháza, and the Rusz house in Gyöngyös.
    His theaters in Sopron and Nagykanizsa have been renovated in a worthy fashion, and the restoration of Veszprém theater will begin soon. The states of his family houses vary, some are in great condition, while others have been badly neglected. /Péter Gyukics/