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  • Chinese Kaleidoscope, Rome

    Verso Est – Chinese Architectural Landscape, MAXXI, Róma, 2011. június 29 – október 23

    Text: Péter Haba
    Photos: MAXXI

    Amateur Architecture Studio: Kínai Művészeti Akadémia, Xiangshan Campus

    Genious works by famous international architects and the endless masses of low-standard but amazingly vast spectacles are only recently counteracted by the publication of works by younger Chinese architects who typically studied in the United States of America and Japan but live in their mother country, and regard the essence of their profession a locally specified designing maximally open to experiences related to „global patterns” associated with technical novelties. The exhibition titled Verso Est – Chinese Architectural Landscape in Rome focusses on the results of these designers – as Pippo Ciorra, the architectural chief trustee of the institute refers to them: the second generation of contemporary Chinese architecture – deliberately omitting the well-known achievements of the olympic investments.