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  • Kós Károly Prize 2012

    Esterházy Manor, Revitalization of Tokaj Houses

    Kós Károly Prize was founded to recognize excellent achievements of individuals and communities protecting local architectural heritage and preserving architectural traditions. Every year it is awarded on or about December 16th, the birthday of a creator using motifs of Transylvanian folk art and historic Hungarian architectural monuments. Prize money also goes with this distinction to a natural person and an organization or team year by year. In 2012 Júlia Szikszay and the Axis Architects – Gábor Erhardt, Ferenc and Miklós Salamin, Zsolt Tusnády and Csaba Varga were awarded the Kós Károly Prize.

    Júlia Szikszay: Revitalization of the Esterházy Manor, Széphalompuszta

    AXIS architects: Revitalization of Tokaj Houses 1989-2012