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    MILD HOME exhibtion of the Széchenyi István University – Győr, Hungary
    Tatabánya, Hungary 6 February 2014


    MILD HOME aims at defining the design and triggering the construction of a new typology of civil building called MILD HOME, which combines high energy performances and affordable operative costs for low-middle income people (young couples/families).

    In this way the project boosts the sustainable development of such way of living, proving that is possible to create the synergies for the realization of Eco Green Villages (based on MILD HOMEs) in South-East Europe countries.

    This will be possible thanks to the following steps:

    – defining the MILD HOME concept (on the basis of Common frame of Performance Characteristics) according to specific needs and trends of 8 areas located in the countries involved in the project,
    – designing 8 pilot projects of Eco Green Villages thanks to 8 competitions of ideas, where best proposals by architects, engineers, technical experts and local suppliers will be collected and examined;
    – creating local supply-chains in the building sector, thanks to the cooperation with involved Municipalities, construction & real estate and manufacturers sectors;
    – fine-tuning 4 demonstrative projects of Eco Green Villages based on MILD HOMEs;
    – starting at least 2 of these 4 projects in 2 municipalities (partners of the project).

    Parter institutes from Hungary: Széchenyi István University – Győr, Hungary

    Széchenyi István University has a balanced development and flexible reaction to the social and economic needs: it functions as an open service provider that is able to contribute to the operation of Győr – a successful social, economic and cultural centre – in a comprehensive way.
    Similar to the economy of the town and its role in regional development the university also has an effect on areas far beyond the town’s and the region’s borders. The institution is the intellectual centre of Northern Transdanubia.
    As a result of its efficient activities the university is implementing a 50 million € comprehensive development programme from government and EU subsidies. Due to this development modern buildings, research and teaching areas, high-tech R&D equipment, student-friendly services and many other new elements contribute to the high standard operation.
    In addition to the high academic standards and the thrifty management of the resources, the university trains well-qualified graduates with hands-on experience required by the social and economic environment.
    With its research activity and international relations the university keeps pace with top-ranking scientific research and takes an active role in diversifying the cultural, scientific and sports life of Győr and its region.


    -engineering sciences
    -information technology
    -law and administration
    -social work
    -musical art