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  • Budapest 100 – Community Video

    In light of these new circumstances the Budapest100 weekend in May has been postponed; however, we still want to show that the watchful residents of Budapest are still the keepers of many treasures. If you feel like sharing some of your treasures, we invite you to participate in the making of the Budpaest100 community video. All you need is your phone and a couple of minutes. Finally, something new to break the monotony of your solitude that will result in something we can all enjoy!

    Open Gates

    Make a video of the entrance door of your building as it opens. Use your cellphone or camera and record in a short video the most iconic moment of the Budapest100 weekends: as the gates open and we can enter the building.

    See you at the tenth!

    Stairways It’s time to go up to the attic, there’s no one there anyway. Make a video from basement to attic! Walk up a few floors or take the elevator! The video should show the handrails of the stairs, the windows of the stairway, the stairs and feel free to look up or down the stairway. It’s important that you go up the stairs!

    SUBMISSION FORMAT: You can send the videos via mail or file sharing to budapest100@kek.org.hu.
    Subject of email: Budapest100 Community Video 2020 // Address (e.g.: XI. ker. Bartók Béla út 10-12) T
    he emails should contain 3 things: video + address + name of video maker

    DEADLINE: Sunday, May 3, 2020

    More information: http://budapest100.hu/kozossegi-budapest100-video