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  • Paul Bonatz 1877-1956

    DAM Frankfurt, 22. 01. – 20. 03. 2011.

    Paul Bonatz: Stuttgart Main Station, 1911-27 © DAM

    In Paul Bonatz (1877-1956) the exhibition presents one of the most influential 20th century German architects and architecture teachers, who left behind a vast range of work in the period between the German Empire and the early Federal Republic. His most important structure, the main station in Stuttgart (1911-27), is very much in danger of being partially demolished on account of the “Stuttgart 21” project. Bonatz also made a name for himself as a designer of technical buildings. His attitude to the nazis was ambivalent: Although, as a bridge builder, he was in an influential position in the construction of the German autobahns, he criticized Hitler’s gigantism and in 1944 emigrated to Turkey. For a decade he worked there as an architect and university teacher.