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  • Richard Neutra in Europe 1960–1970

    DAM, Frankfurt 08. 04. – 03. 07. 2011.

    Casa Ebelin Bucerius, Photo: Martin Hesse

    Through his houses in southern California Richard Neutra became one of the most important architects of “classical Modernism”. He combined variable spatial configurations with large glass fronts to create open ensembles, embedded in the surroundings. In his final creative years (1960—1970) Neutra also completed a number of fascinating buildings in Europe. The result was eight villas, four of them in Switzerland, three in Germany, and one in France, as well as two residential developments in Quickborn and Walldorf.
    The exhibition for Marta Herford was compiled in collaboration with the Department of Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library at UCLA and Neutra’s son Dion, as well as a team of experts including Hubertus Adam, Joachim Driller, Lilian Pfaff, and Rolf Ahnesorg. Photographer Iwan Baan exclusively interpreted eight of the ten structures presented in the exhibition.