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  • József Finta : freehandedly

    Vigadó Gallery, Budapest, 27 September – 9 November 2014


    An exhibition of architect József Finta’s drawing is opening in Vigadó Gallery with the title Freehandedly. The display consisting of travel memories and plans of Budapest and buildings can be seen from 26 September to 9 October.

    “I keep thinking about what ties the two parts, the two rooms, the two levels of this exhibition, creating an organic unity, but it is all in vain, I cannot find any linkage for this joint existence other than myself and the technique of freehand drawing. The ground floor of the Vigadó contains the memories of our travels, while the lower space, closely intertwined with my being an architect, presents the sketches of my plans for Budapest. As I eye my drawings of half a century ago, I sadly see that they were freer, they floated more than the ones I draw today. At that time the graphic designer drew differently than the architect. Fifty years kneaded my two halves together. There is no denying, therefore, that my travel drawings have also been done by the architect who found his home inside me and that applies also to the roots of the old willow trees clinging to the banks of the streams of Kiskapus and Középlak withering away there.” (Confession)

    József Finta, winner of Kossuth State Award and member of both MMA and MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) is showing his free-hand drawings on 26 September in Vigadó Gallery. On the upper level of the exhibition a selection of 200 drawings of journeys can be viewed and on the lower level visitors can see drawings, plans and graphics made not by computer, but by hand. The travel drawings depict the homeland of Finta, Transylvania as well as the destinations of his journeys, the Greek Islands, Sicily, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany and his favourite cities, Venice, Rome, Paris.

    On the occasion of József Finta’s drawing exhibition MMA has published a two-language (Hungarian and English) catalogue.