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  • Public Sculpture Symposium

    Lectures and discussion organized by Flash Art
    FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture, 14 February 2015, 15.00


    Magazine presentation:
    Katalin Keserü: About the Flash Art 2014 Volume

    Tibor Wehner: Genre Sculpture in the City Centre
    Gerda Széplaky: Monument – Without Place
    Péter Sugár: About the Budapest Ghetto Memorial Wall

    Public Space and Remembrance – roundtable discussion:
    Eszter Csurka (artist)
    Zénó Kelemen (sculptor)
    Mihály Vajda (philosopher)
    Andor Wesselényi-Garay (architectural theorist)
    Moderated by: Sándor Bazsányi (esthete)