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  • „You too…?”

    Photo, video and design contest organized by the Night of Museums
    20 June 2015


    „Would You come too?” – Video and advertising spots competition
    We are waiting for video and advertising spots (between 30 and 90 sec.) made in this years programs, events they can inspire more and more visitors to participate in next year’s Night of Museums.
    Deadline: 22 June 2015

    „Did you see it too?” – Photo competition
    You can participate with photos taken in the previous years of the Night of Museums. After a pre-judging there’s going to be a public vote for the winners on the event’s Facebook page.
    Deadline: 12 June 2015

    „Would you buy it too?”- Design competition
    If you have any idea what would be the perfect object to represent the Night of Museums and you would pay for it too, it’s the time to draw it! The best desings will be produced for next year’s event!
    Deadline: November 2015

    More information: muzej.hu