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  • Thinking Spatially

    Book presentation
    Hungarian Society for Urban Planning, 4 february 2016, 5 pm

    thinking spatially_mut


    17:10 Greetings – Imre Körmendy, president of the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning

    17:20 Anniversary greetings – Phil Williams, president of the Royal Town Planning Institute

    17:40 Why “spatial”? – Dr Mike Harris, RTPI

    18:00 Why “thinking”? – Roland Láposi

    18:20 Roundtable discussion about the actual questions on British and Hungarian urban planning
    Moderator: Géza Salamin MUT, ECTP representative
    Participants: Phil Williams, Dr Mike Harris, Füleky Zsolt deputy secretary, Alföldi György MUT vice-president, dr. Szaló Péter MUT member of the board

    19:30 Conclusion – Imre Körmendy, president of the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning

    Venue: MUT headquarters, Conference Hall (1094 Budapest, Liliom utca 48.)

    Thinking Spatially

    Planning as a profession has integrated spatial thinking into its decision-making; planners aim to look beyond individual policies and decisions in order to take a broader and longer-term view. This helps them to decide between often competing interests (for example, regarding the use of land). The same could be true for other areas of public policy.

    This Planning Horizons project considers how thinking spatially could help policymakers to make better judgements about how individual policy proposals interact with and affect the development of places as a whole.

    More information: www.rtpi.org.uk