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  • Urban Green

    European Landscape Architecture for the 21st Century
    Palmengarten, Galerie am Palmenhaus, 20 May – 22 August 2010

    Boulevard Albert II, Brussels, Jacques Wirtz, 1992

    For several years now people everywhere have been rediscovering inner-city living. Not that this in any way means they are repressing their longing for nature: Urban solutions that satisfy the need for inner-city greenery are increasingly in demand. This, though, must comply with a complex set of aesthetic, ecological, social and economic criteria.
    The exhibition in the Palmengarten showcases a 27 current examples of open space that was designed by internationally renowned landscape architects. They include works by Atelier Le Balto (Germany), Patrick Blanc (France), Breimann & Bruun (Germany), Gustafson Porter (UK), GTL Gnüchtel Triebswetter (Germany), Karres en Brands (Netherlands), Kienast Vogt Partner (Switzerland), Latz + Partner (Germany), Paolo Pejrone (Italy), Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten (Germany) and Wirtz International (Belgium). What all the projects have in common is that their design involves inner-city spaces primarily being planted with greenery. The scale ranges from urban private garden to major projects such as the revitalization od river banks and green master plans for entire big cities.