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  • Urban Strategies Summerschool 2013

    June 21st to July 19th 2013

    The Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program at the University of Applied Arts Vienna offers annual summerschool-programs as intense design training. The four-weeks teaching format serves as an opportunity for students and young professionals of architecture and planning as well as design and arts related disciplines to exploit most recent computational tools and methods of architectural / urban design-thinking, conceptualization and production.


    in cooperation with proto/e/co/logics symposium series
    Bruno Juricic (UCLA, MLAUS)
    The summerschool explores the disruptive design potentials of the contemporary eco-logics in architecture and will open up provocative new lines of design inquiry beyond innocent and reductive approaches to ecology as in notions of sustainability and green. In this regard, rather than acting from a position of idealization with regards to nature, the goal of the summer school is to abandon old models of design-thought which are manifested as eco-relationality and instead produce a new speculative image of the matter driven by computational models.
    Participants gain access to ad-hoc scripted protocols consisting of advanced Grasshoper components and Processing implemented code sequences and to further design environments, such as Maya, Project Kangaroo – Live 3D Physics to tease out speculative design trajectories of conceiving architecture as a product of contingent forces (Probes / Prototypes / Objects / Architecture).
    Bruno Juricic is an architect, curator and scholar in the field of architecture, art and technology. He received his Bachelor degree from the Istituto Universitario di Archittetura di Venezia, and holds an MSc in Urban Strategies from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. He is currently a Ph.D candidate at the Department of Architecture at the University of California Los Angeles working under Sylvia Lavin. Bruno Juricic is founder of the Mediterranean Laboratory for Architecture and Urban Strategies (MLAUS) in Croatia.

    More information: urbanstrategies.at/summer-schools