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  • VELUX International Design Award 2014


    Discover Blinds of the Future

    VELUX International Design Award 2014 challenges design students to explore the theme “Innovation by Experiments” and to invent the future window covering for roof windows.

    “One experiment is better than a thousand expert views.”

    With this statement, VELUX founder Villum Kann Rasmussen cemented the company’s experimental approach. Ever since, this has been the key to constant improvement of innovative design solutions and product functionality. The VELUX Group strives to innovate by experiment and develop products that meet future needs with new ways of “bringing light to life”. VELUX goes to great lengths to be constantly up-to-date with the latest trends, and wishes to learn from young, upcoming designers who represent the pioneers of tomorrow’s brightest thoughts and ideas. The roof window is much more than a boundary between inside and outside. As a source of daylight, fresh air and an attractive view, the roof window enriches people with daylight and better living environments for life, work and play.
    The design of window coverings (be it sun screening, shades, curtains or blinds) empowers us to change our indoor environment by softening the brightest sunlight and managing day and night as we wish. It provides the opportunity to interact with the surroundings, and either connect or separate our near environment from the outside world. But what if a blind does more than simply soften the light in our homes or hide us from unwanted viewers? What if it also inspires us, boosts our imagination and even forms who we are? What if innovative design solutions for windows are keys to empower, and improve quality of life?
    Challenging current perceptions of window coverings contains endless possibilities, where only the imagination sets the limits. We are looking forward to receiving brand new concepts that will shape the blinds of the future.

    The VELUX International Design Award 2014 is based on the wish to discover the best and most innovative blinds of the future. It seeks to challenge the way we work with product development, and encourages students to share their dreams and rethink future blind solutions. The design award challenges students to push back boundaries and develop window coverings for the roof window that represent much more than a functional transition between inside and outside. It rewards students who dare to develop design solutions that will make a real difference in the quality of people’s lives. The design award is not aimed at a specific discipline of design students but encourages projects of high excellence, developed from a solid foundation of creativity, intelligence, quality and personality. It is optional for students to register individually or as a team. Multidisciplinary teams, which combine several design approaches, are also encouraged to participate in the contest.

    The VELUX International Design Award 2014 is a unique opportunity for design students to take part in the progress of the VELUX Group’s innovative approach to product development – most recently expressed through the collaboration with the world-famous designer, Karim Rashid. Now The Group wishes to challenge design students and gain new perspectives on product development from the trendsetters of tomorrow.

    Registration opens: 1 October 2013
    Registration closes: 31 December 2013
    Submission deadline, project upload: 31 March 2014

    Registration, more information: designaward.velux.com