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  • Antal Palóczi Prize

    The idea of establishing a state prize exclusively acknowledging achievements in resettlement has been nurtured by professionals for a long time. Due to the very nature of their tasks, results achieved by specialists of this field as well as the quality of their work is more difficult to measure: being less spectacular and obvious they yield results typically in the long run, even though their work basically contributes to the development of liveable communities). The prize named after Antal Palóczi has been founded as a gap-filler amongst the awards of public construction and building affairs. Established in 2005, it is always presented by the minister in charge of housing and public construction on the Day of Architecture celebrated worldwide, acknowledging excellent planning and training, as well as activities of chief architects with careers spanning over a decade. Every year two individuals or two teams of designers receive this honour.

    In 2009 the Antal Palóczi Prize went to

    János Gömöry – chief architect of Pécs

    Tibor Lázár – architect, urban planning