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  • Bologna Process

    Ajkay Anna, Faragó Melinda, Hutter Mária, Kanto Erika, Kiss Marianna, Papp Tímea. Consultant: Nagy Máton

    The Bologna-tendency radically transformed the training of architects in Hungary. The first grade was launched in 2006 at the Department of Architecture in Budapest Technical University as a training of two cycles of BSc majors, and as Architects’ integral five-year course. After five semesters in 2008 it was time to introduce the choice of specialization: students could choose from designers’ or technical training, Based on their results achieved till then, their talents and diligence, as well as their recognized fields of interest they could apply and in accordance with the regulations of the faculty for specialization the best applicants were selected. Of the 80 students admitted to designers’ training 16 were forwarded for integral training. In 2009 the academic subject „minor complex” was introduced to facilitate learning the complexity of architecture via designing minor buildings with influential environmental context, which means that for their creation the location had to be explored in several layers. Work had been carried out in teams of 4-6 people from the beginning, the first important stage being the joint design of a development. A multi-layered exploration, research, the tour of the location, the professional discussions and sometimes conflicts during the planning phase formed and matured the groups of students. Accepting one another, accommodation, learning to conform influenced the work to be done in a positive sense. The greatest merit of teamwork was that the complex constructed in the context of a small provincial town has the potential of representing excellent architectural quality via an integral image. Meanwhile members of the team could share the joy of collective creative work.

    Tamás Varga

    Lenczuk Mónika, Nagy Tamás, Lehoczki Zsolt, Bánhegyesi Éva, Balogh Boglárka. Consultant: André Zoltán