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  • By Right of Beauty

    The New Acropolis Museum, Athens

    Architect: Bernard Tschumi
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Nikos Daniilidis, Christian Richters, Peter Mauss / Esto, Bernard Tschumi Architects


    The large-scale project Bernard Tschumi, the Swiss star of contemporary architecture was commissioned with by the Greek ministry of culture after his winning a tender may as well be interpreted as a task surpassing architecture. Designed by him, the New Acropolis Museum at the foot of the Parthenon in Athens was inaugurated in the beginning of autumn in 2009. Although the so-called „Parthenon-marbles’ case” has not been solved yet, the Greek state had the new museum built in the hope that these monumental sculptures shall face the central temple of the ancient world from behind the glass walls wrapping round the top floor – that is the place they had occupied for two millennia.

    Építész: Bernard Tschumi
    Építész munkatársak: Joel Rutten, Michael Photiadis
    Statika: ADK és Arup
    Világítás: Arup
    Kivitelezés: Aktor
    Gépészet, elektromos tervezés: MMB Study Group és Arup