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  • III. World Conference of Hungarian Architects

    III. World Conference of Hungarian Architects
    “Olympic games – tradition, crisis, solutions?”

    5th of March 2010
    Budapest, Institute of Italian Culture
    (1088 Budapest, Bródy Sándor Street 8. Hungary)

    Moderator: István Pálffy architect, MTV

    Registration from 8:00 o’clock 

    09.45      Ernő Kálmán – President of the Association of Hungarian Architects welcomes the guests


    10:00    Pál Ritoók – art historian, Hungarian Museum for Architecture –
                                        Architectural traditions of the Carpathian basin
    10:30    Dr. Frigyes Károlyházy – Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of
                                        Science – Science history context

    11:00 coffee break


    11:30    Gaetan Siew – Immediately Past President of the UIA, President of the UIA Vision and Strategy Work Programme – Survey of the
                 global processes about urbanization, wasting, concentration of
                 capital, poverty…

    12:00    Dr. Zsigmond Nagy – President of the Preparing Committee of
                 the Olympic Games in London – Olympic and crisis context:
                 current report of the preparing of the Olympic games 2012 London

    12:30    Josep Acebillo – Chief Architect of Barcelona – Future of the
                 cities: connections between the urban and the rural spaces

    13:00 lunch break


    14:00    Geraint John – President of the UIA Sports and leisure Work
                Programme – Bidding, Preparing and Designing for the Olympic
                Games. The Pro`s and Con`s for small cities.(Experience from Sydney,
                Athens, Beijing and London )

    14:30    Prof. Peter P. Schweger – architect – Urban planning in Hamburg after a lost Olympic competition – effects of the conceptions
    15:30    Péter Janesch – architect, Holcim International Award 2008 – Planning competition for the arrangement of the Danube river side in Buda and Pest
    Registration and more information: www. meszorg.hu